Flooring - Measure Twice, Cut Once.

By My Calculations...

We're close to the beginning stages of interior design - wahoooo! I can't wait! In anticipation, I've begun to sort out the material needs and costs for the van. From my measurements, here is a draft of a standard vanagon's floor dimensions. 

For the wood flooring, we're only going to be covering the main cabin and between the seats, roughly 29 square feet. If you plan to cover the engine bay too, you would need roughly 40 square feet.

Flooring Costs for 29 Sq. Ft.:

Hardwood: $150 - $200
Interlocking Wood Vinyl: $50 - $100
Bamboo: $50 - $100
Vinyl Tile: $50 - $100

We've heard that vinyl wears through quickly because you end up using the same small area of floor frequently. So we're leaning towards Hardwood or Bamboo. You'll see the final choice in the next few weeks!