Vanagon Interior Concepts

I always like to start with a mood board and some some inspiration before I deep-dive into a large design project. Because I am not that experienced (or that gifted) of an interior designer - I think it's best to try to lay things out in advance. Here's my mood board and inspiration for Burt:

Mood Board

1. Vintage Camping Mugs (can be purchased here)
2. Blue Quilt Pattern
3. Good Housekeeping's featured A Bright, Airy (and Blue!) California Home
4. Gorgeous Tabarka Studio Tiles 
5. Classic, Tipi-inspired Tribal Prints
6. The Rustic use of wood and light blue in Steven Gambrel's Sag Harbor Project

Camper Interiors That Inspire Me

1. Marco Khalil and Caroline West's School Bus
2. Hello Bluebird's Bus Reno
3. Beautiful, Minimalist Trailer, built by Caravanolic and decorated by Vice versa  
4. Navigation Trust's 1971 Kombi
5. The super adorable "Nugget" by Vintage Revivals
6. A very French, Rustic Camper Makeover (I wish I could read it!)